How To Apply Perfectly Makeup Prepare Your Skin

How To Apply Perfectly Makeup Prepare Your Skin

How To Apply Perfectly Makeup Prepare Your Skin

How To Apply Perfectly Makeup Prepare Your Skin
How To Apply Perfectly Makeup Prepare Your Skin

My lovely Ladies, makeup is not a mask,it’s a form of art and importantly for your face skin.It can be a hell lot of fun to try out different things because you have all the creative freedom to experiment with what you like best skin to your face.Each one of you have us our very own style and preferences but the basics of nailing your makeup for your Prepare Skin in whatever kind you like and it simple or intricate are the same to your face Prepare Skin.

There exists an art of applying makeup Prepare Skin, and the smallest of things can make a huge difference to how your end results turn out of your Prepare Skin. We’ve done some good-old research to make your life easier and break down the steps involved in applying makeup perfectly Makeup Prepare Skin.

To Prepare Your Skin Before Makeup

The glowing and naturally skin flawless skin begins with some amazing preparation for your Prepare Skin.I cannot stress enough upon how important prepping,because it makes your job easier and you won’t have to work so much on “fixing” any issues that your face skin may already have Prepare Skin.

Step 1:Cleansing Your Face:.

The first step to your routine should involve removing any traces of oil or dirt Cleansing Your Face.If You can use a gentle cleanser to wash your face to make it squeaky face skin clean.Choose a facial cleanser that suits your face skin type in daily use.

Step 2:Using A Toner:.

A toner can actually do wonders for your face skin. If you have an oily or acne-prone face skin, then toners are a blessing for you. It helps to balance the pH levels of your skin and tighten your using a toner pores. Just some toner on a cotton pad and pat it all over your face and neck using a roner.In this step to your skincare regime for your face skin!

Step 3:Applying Moisturizer:.

A moisturizer is an essential part of your skincare regimen.If You need to hydrate your skin well, in order to get your makeup to look great moisturizer for your skin.If you can Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type and knock yourself out look for your skin.It keeps the skin underneath your makeup healthy and it also helps to provide a smooth finish rather than a cakey looks for your face skin.If You can also add a few drops of rose water to your cream or moisturizer for added hydration to use for your face skin.

Step 4: Wearing Sunscreen:.

You will thank your younger self in the future if you follow this step by step.If you can Wearing sunscreen throughout the year is vital if you want to avoid premature aging of your face skin,hyper pigmentation and other terrible possibilities that can occur because of harmful UVA rays. So do yourself a favor, and put on SPF for your face skin!

If you can following these basic steps before stepping out can show significant improvement in your dirty face skin. So you can know that you to prepare your skin before makeup.

These steps are infallible, and if you even have about five minutes of your patience to spare, So let’s get rolling to the fun part.

What You Need:




4.Blush/ Bronzer


6.Eye Shadow

7.Eye liner



As per your preference, you can choose to skip the products you don’t wish to wear to your face skin.we’ve got the whole step-by-step tutorial chalked out for you.The kind that meets your personal requirements.Only, after completing the pre-makeup routine, move on to these steps by setup.It’s also really important to be aware of your skin-type as you can decide what kind of products to pick oil based, water based or mineral makeup.